cassoulet_PDuring US presidential, many TVspectators were astonished by this banner with this strange word " Cassoulet". Cassoulet ? It doesn't mean anything for US readers or viewers. Cassoulet ? Is it a kind of lethal weapon, a threat coming from nowhere ? What is Cassoulet ? Well, this banner is just the way that french people welcome the election of this new president. Cassoulet is a name of a french recipe-well known in France near Toulouse- made with sausages and beans.

Now, I know you want to know more about Cassoulet, so welcome in France ! Even if we don't speak/write american english, sure we can enjoy you with Cassoulet. Get sausages ( not knackies), huge sausages, make some holes in them, get them in a huge saucepan with few butter. Let them leave grease and wait a little as the sausages get tanned. You've got them ? Cool, well now throw in the saucepan beans. Wait a little and then you add tomatoes juice, and tomatoes and a little garlic and romarin of herbs from provence. Well of course, this is not may perfect, as my english is not perfect.

Don't you understand that the only way French people welcome you is about Food ? Welcome to France as we congratulate the election of the 44th president of USA !

US Readers